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There is intense retroactive weather in the sky right now as we have a total of five planets going backwards — Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.


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Your psychic email reading aims to answer specific questions as well as giving you a general overview of what is going on around you empowering you to follow your own wisdom and intuition. SP: www. Skip to content. Past hurdles in work would disappear as your career surges ahead. Favorable offers for the unemployed are foreseen after mid-year.

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Those in marketing and technical fields will have immense growth scope. Monetary gains will pour in from different sources. New ventures and overseas collaboration will be favorably initiated after mid-year. Those in media and technology can look forward to tremendous progress this year. Sincere efforts and dedications will bring in Be prepared to take things in your stride as new possibilities would spring up at work, demanding greater focus on work.

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A much awaited Numerology guide to a new way to success and prosperity. Numerology February 18, by Astrologer Leave a Comment. Everyone is putting forth their initiatives and visions, and there are clearly preparations to mobilize after the 6th of November, i. This is also what the rebel Syrian fighters are doing on the ground, for it is obvious that they are trying to impose a reality in preparation for what is to come.

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The only good thing in all of this is that there is genuine mobility. Yet things are not that simple, of course, and this is the crux of the matter. The reactions of some elements of the Syrian opposition, specifically those affiliated with the SNC, towards the recent US comments about the role of the council, suggest underlying tensions and strain.

Some opposition members have brazenly resorted to the language of mistrust, suggesting that any criticism of the SNC means that there are those seeking to grant the Baathists a role in the new Syria.


The Syrian opposition today must not resort to these methods, which have not produced anything positive in any other Arab country engaged in the throes of change, whether peacefully or militarily. The Syrians today should benefit from the mistakes of the other Arab Spring states, and post-Saddam Iraq prior to that, in order to avoid the fatal errors and difficulties faced by those countries. A dictator has not been truly ousted if he is simply replaced by a majority dictatorship or by the strongest on the ground, or the most popular in the Arab or international sphere.

Syria is a unified state and must remain so. I do not think that things will be easier for one party compared to another, whether the Muslim Brotherhood, the Kurds or otherwise.

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All this can only be achieved with a realistic vision of a future Syria, and realism here lies in representing everyone and rejecting exclusion, bullying, sectarianism and the desire for revenge, for revenge cannot build a nation.

horoscop libra 4 novemberie Horoscop libra 4 novemberie
horoscop libra 4 novemberie Horoscop libra 4 novemberie
horoscop libra 4 novemberie Horoscop libra 4 novemberie
horoscop libra 4 novemberie Horoscop libra 4 novemberie
horoscop libra 4 novemberie Horoscop libra 4 novemberie

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