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Now, in months of September and also October, you are likely to get an exciting work assignment, new business client or project. What lands in your lap will be totally sudden and exciting. With Sun so powerfully placed at the start of the month, shows the work project you get or business client you get will be prestigious and if done wonderfully, it may elevate your position in your industry. Sun and Mars, the two fiery planets, will be talking eye to eye, this means the competition will be severe and with your hard work and ambition, you will manage to knock all competitors down.

Not only this client or work project helps elevate your position but may also pay you well. It is possible that you may earn good commission or fee. Some Pisces may alternatively receive exciting news or may have to make sudden travel plans. Please mark date-2nd, 14th plus minus 3days on your calendar, these are tough planetary dates for all; avoid scheduling important meetings on or near these dates.

And also with so much at stake and huge competition, Pisces, nervous tension and anxiety, will come hand in hand and can affect your physical and mental well-being. Do astro-remedies, yoga, walks or meditation for maintaining your cool and calm. Saturn, the planet of serious and mature outlook, is placed in your own sign and Jupiter, your ruling planet, is not favorably placed till end of October. You feel confused, angry at times and sometimes even in a group or large gathering may feel lonely.

To cheer you and energize your luck factor, this month four planets--Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars, are holding a meet. In month of September and also October many new and sudden events may take you completely by surprise. Nothing you have intended for in the vision may come to pass. Sagittarius, what happens will be something unplanned and unexpected but nice and I may dare to say exciting too. With Saturn placed in your Sun sign for past two years, you often tried hard to get what you want and need.

But now, with Sun placed strongly in month of September, it is the phase full of surprises, there could be times when you no longer have to do something to get it.

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Whenever you will think everything is under control, something would happen to remind you that the ultimate control is not in your hands. From 1 st September through 9 March, is a good period for those who want to purse higher studies or acquire new skills for career advancement. If, it is not you, it could be your children. Alternatively, you may receive exciting news totally out of blue!

Only dates to avoid arend and 14th, these are tough planetary dates for all. You seem to have high expenses but source of income may still be the same. You or your spouse probably need money for some specific reason. For the same reason, you may apply for a bank loan or mortgage. If you are a student, you may apply for scholarship or university loan. Inheritance, bank loans, scholarship, or other sources of financial assistance will be on your mind. If, someone owes you money, this period of 3 months from 1 st September is good to get your money back.

From 1 st September through 9 th March , your spouse, your parents or someone in the family may also help you in ways you never thought would be possible. Hold your breath Capricorn, this period from September through March will be full of exciting surprises for you. Although, 2 nd and 14 th of September are tough planetary dates for all but for you, 10 th through 20 th of September, including 14 th of September is good for money and family.

You can spend quality time with your family and friends too.

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Librans, from the month of August through February , professionally you have entered an important phase. You will be taking important career decisions in this period. Interestingly, from month of September, focus will still remain on professional growth, and add to that, you will try to find ways to increase your income or find new source of income. You have Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus, your ruling planet, to help you in your endeavors. Sudden events, meetings, totally unexpected turn of events may take you by surprise.

Whatever happens in next 5 months will be beyond your planning or expectation. Saturn, the planet of stability, will also give its blessings. At work, there may be few restructuring or changes within your organization. Someone senior at work will help you. You may feel restless for you have worked hard and this wait may trouble you but being overanxious or being in panic mode may only bring problems. Doing meditation, yoga, or being involved in religious or spiritual activities may help dissolve anxiety and stress.

What an action packed will be the month of September for you!!! You have your own ruler, Sun, along with Mercury, Mars and Venus, traveling through your own sun sign. This is a powerful placement. Interestingly, Saturn, the planet of stability, will be beautifully aligned to your sign and your ruler. From September through March , the universe will support you in all your endeavors. It is only YOU who has to show your intention and take firm decisions. I may even say that the month of September holds surprises for you. Good or bad depends on how you handle this enormous planetary energy.

Astrological Forecast for Fall/Winter 12222–2020

Keep this thought with you. I foresee the spells of angry outbursts. You may feel restless for you have worked hard and this wait may trouble you. Doing meditation, prayers and other spiritual activities may help you. In month of September, the mental dilemma and confusion will be strong. You would not know how to respond to sudden events or happenings. You probably have been holding lot of emotions and grudges within you. Every one of us makes our own personal choices depending upon our life experiences.

Injustice is a bitter pill to swallow. However, why suffer, let past be past, and move forward with positive energy. In month of September, you have four to five planets in the quietest corner of your solar chart, indicating deep rooted psychological issues that you may have buried but there are times when they raise their heads, it could be because of certain people.

Being stuck in the past could lead to physical and mental health issues. Doing meditation, yoga, or being involved in religious activities may help. September will be a very busy month for you. Few possibilities I can list for you—first, either you will be applying for new job positions, giving job interviews, meeting new clients for your business —second, recruit new employees for your work—third, engage publicist, agents, marketing people or people with similar expertise to help promote you or your work—fourth, you may receive a great news, email, telephone call either in last week of the month of August so you already know!

All that I have listed above got initiated by planets from last week of August and will remain strong through March Universe has been planning a big surprise for you. You have about 7 months to see what is in store for you. Interestingly, Saturn will give its stamp of approval and whatever happens in these months will stay with you and may even change the direction of your life. Although, the month of September is good for all, only 2 dates I would like you to circle on your calendar and if possible, avoid scheduling important meetings on and near these dates—2 nd and 14 th.

What is on top of your mind this month? Whatever you do will be directly or indirectly related to money. This month Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will have a closed door meeting to help you increase your personal net-worth. Even Saturn, the planet of restriction, will be in supportive angle to this planetary union. From September through March , you have golden opportunity to increase your personal net-worth. If, after money any thought predominately strong on your mind would be of your family.

Sun and Mars, the two fiery planets show you may hold grudges or anger for someone in your family and if it is related to money, the chances are you may have strong heated verbal exchange. The reason we read horoscope is not to feel negative but with understanding and knowledge of what is stored for us in our future, we can be proactive and positive in our actions. Although, the month of September is good for all, only 2 dates I would like you to circle on your calendar and if possible, avoid scheduling important meetings on and near these dates—2nd and 14th.

As per Vedic astrology, your ruling planet, Mars, is traveling through royal sign of Leo, from 1 st through 25 th. The month of September is filled with happiness for you. Your ruler, Mars, will hold hands with planet of love and romance, Venus. You are single or in a relationship, September is the month to be socially active. In month of September, not one but five planets are dancing with energy to bring fun and happiness in your life.

If, you are planning to have a baby, the months from September through March, are probably the best months for you to plan and see your doctor. If, you already have children, this period, from September through March, will be important for them in some ways, like for instance they are preparing for important exams, leave home for higher studies, etc. Please mark date-2 nd , 14 th plus minus 3 days on your calendar, these are tough planetary dates for all. Do you plan to buy a new house? Are you thinking of investing money in real estate? Are you planning to sell some property? If, your answer is --yes, then astrologically the planets will be supportive.

Get help of an agent or get your property enlisted online and you would be surprised by the response you get. The best period, for matters related to home and real estate—from 1 st September through 9 th March Not only is this period good for buying and selling of property but this period is also good for relocating to a new home or new place. Since, from this month onwards the focus is on your home and you are not interested in any of the buying or selling activities, it is possible you may redecorate or beautify your home.

You will be surprised to read this, but in the month of September and also in the month of October, I foresee astrologically, many people in your home. So, either you have plumbers, electricians or carpenters doing the renovation work or the other possibility is that you have some house guests. August will be a super busy month for you. The focus will be to bring changes in your everyday life. Let me start from the beginning, on 1 st of August as the month opens, you have Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and later Mercury, traveling hand in hand, to make your life more comfortable.

All the planets will stand in attendance playing their own roles, like in a theater drama, and Jupiter, the divine planet, will look from far away like a director, to ensure everything plays out smoothly for you. From 1 st August through 9 th February , there will be many beautiful changes initiated by universe for you. Second, your work-you will have many new rich clients for self-employed and new work projects. The competition at work will be huge, and I foresee, you may even be more aggressive in your approach. Third, your appearance-beside working on your health and fitness regime, you may buy new clothes, get hair or skin treatments.

Fourth-this is an expensive month for you may take loan or use credit card more than usual to luxury items for home and family or invest money in your work. Fifth, your daily routine-if, you are not happy with your daily routine, find everything monotonous, this is the month for you to move forward and change it. This is not all, the days, from 10 th August through 21 st August, you will enjoy and have fun with your friends and close relatives. Pisces, what a beautiful, enjoyable and fun filled period, you are about to enter.

Saturn along with ketu, the south node of Moon, is placed in career sector of your solar chart. For past more than 2 years, you have been thinking a lot about your work, money and stability in life but missing the fun and enjoyment. From 1 st of August through 14 th of February , is the period to unwind you.

Taurus Weekly Forecast May 13th-19th

If you are single, you may find love and romance in your life. If, you are married, you may plan a baby and if you already have children, it will be an important period for your children in some way, for instance, you may join a new school or college, new job, etc etc. Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and later Mercury, will clap and tap in beautiful celestial rhythm to put a smile on your lips.

It is very rare, that you have such good planetary configuration with no planet playing spoilsport. From 10 th through 20 th of August, I foresee, it is favorable period for money or speaking with someone important in your organization if you need to. On 14 th , Venus, the planet of money, will be combust, so avoid this date for important monetary talks and decisions.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will rise from its annual celestial sleep on 11 th. From thereafter your luck supports you in all your endeavors. Planetary tide for the month of August is good for everyone including YOU ; however, you are worrying and getting tense over issues that have little or no existence. It is your own fears that are weighing you down. Try not to allow yourself to become absorbed in your thoughts and punish yourself unnecessarily. I understand, Sagittarius, once a worry or any negative thought pops into your head, it becomes very hard to convince yourself that the thought is wrong or worry has no meaning but this month from 1 st August, you have Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and later Mercury, traveling through difficult sector of your solar chart.

The beauty of astrology is that you read your forecast, understand how the month can shape for you and with positivity, and turn around the month even more beautiful than it was meant to be. In 5 months from 1 st of August, your focus will be on shared financial resources, the money you share with your spouse or your business partner. You may need money in this period for children, for investment, to pay your bills or probably for inheritance or legal matters. Monetary gains are also indicated for you, from 12 th through 19 th of August. From 12 th through 19 th , is also family time.

Capricorn, month of August will be a very busy month for you. Your work, home, money, family, your spouse and also the people you work for or engage people as helping hand at home, I can say nearly everything is in focus this month. Maintaining a balance will, of course, be a challenge for you. However, Capricorn is a sign of stability and can handle all pressures and demands of life with a grace like a ballet dancer.

If, you are unmarried, the period from 1 st of August through 9 th February , is lucky to find a partner. If, you are already married, this period will be important for you and your spouse in many ways. It could be work related, personal or may be relocation to some new place. Jupiter, the divine planet of good luck, is favorably angled to the planetary tide, so I can say easily, no matter what happens, in long run it will turn out to be amazingly good. Life is not something you can plan, no matter what you say, it is always full of surprises, so keep this thought with you, whenever you feel low and stressed.

From 12 th through 19 th of August, you may feel sensitive and very emotional. Eat good nutritious tasty food, be physical more active, do astro-remedies or meditate, in short, be more positive person and see beautiful the month of August will be for you. Librans, you are entering the most significant phase of your life. Professionally, from 1 st August through 9 th February , will be very important for you, you can find new job, diversify your business, get promotion and be elevated to new work position. This is also known as the whole sign house system. So depending on where Capricorn was relative to the horizon at the time you were born will tell you something about the area of life this transit will have significance for.

This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 0, 1, 12, 13, 24, 25, 36, 37, This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 1, 2, 13, 14, 25, 26, 37, 38, 49, 50, 61, 62, 73, 74, 85, 86, etc. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 2, 3, 14, 15, 26, 27, 38, 39, 50, 51, 62, 63, 74, 75, 86, 87, etc. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 3, 4, 15, 16, 27, 28, 39, 40, 51, 52, 63, 64, 75, 76, 87, 88, etc.

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This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 4, 5, 16, 17, 28, 29, 40, 41, 52, 53, 64, 65, 76, 77, 88, 89, etc. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 5, 6, 17, 18, 29, 30, 41, 42, 53, 54, 65, 66, 77, 78, 89, 90, etc. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 6, 7, 18, 19, 30, 31, 42, 43, 54, 55, 66, 67, 78, 79, 90, 91, etc.

This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 7, 8, 19, 20, 31, 32, 43, 44, 55, 56, 67, 68, 79, 80, 91, 92, etc. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 8, 9, 20, 21, 32, 33, 44, 45, 56, 57, 68, 69, 80, 81, 92, 93, etc. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 9, 10, 21, 22, 33, 34, 45, 46, 57, 58, 69, 70, 81, 82, 93, 94, etc.

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This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 10, 11, 22, 23, 34, 35, 46, 47, 58, 59, 70, 71, 82, 83, 94, 95, etc. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 0, 11, 12, 23, 24, 35, 36, 47, 48, 59, 60, 71, 72, 83, 84, 95, 96, etc. B What points or planets in your natal chart witness the conjunction, if any?

Placements in Capricorn or Aquarius , even if they make no degree-based aspect with Saturn may still be affected by their ruler Saturn coming into conjunction with Pluto but it would be a more general thing as opposed to a specific event. Aspects from Saturn, especially the hard aspects, bear down on the angles and planets it touches.

Saturn weighs down on, criticizes, scrutinizes, depresses, pressures, imprisons and weighs the essential worth of wherever it goes. Pluto deconstructs, extremizes, warps and transforms what it touches, making big things small and small things big. Considering he is such a prominent public figure as the CEO of Amazon, one wonders what this transit might signify for him. It could be many things, but I imagine it could be a time of intense public or governmental scrutiny of his company and even his personal life, which is already the case as Saturn and Pluto have begun nearing his Sun.

One possibility is that it could mean Bezos re-evaluates his priorities in life, and perhaps decides to resign from Amazon or go in a completely new direction.

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In any case, it may mark the end of an era of sorts. The softer aspects should promote emotional resiliency, and it may be the task of people who interact it with it more harmoniously to be of aid to those who are not. This may be a time when one has to be more careful about what they say, avoiding disclosing forbidden knowledge so as to avoid causing problems which could be wide-ranging or otherwise have high stakes attached to them. This can be someone who gets ensnared in a nasty legal dispute or entrenched in solving a difficult intractable problem.

One may feel rejected and excluded from enjoying the finer delights of life, for a time. Under the softer aspects this may stay in the realm of fantasy, but under the hard aspects things could get complicated. This can also present situations of great danger and true evil. This may leave you feeling profoundly discouraged, even scared, having trouble finding motivation to get up and take action to slay the monster.

These transits may coincide with a test of your natural talents, faith and confidence. Under the hard aspects, you may be entrusted with a high-stakes responsibility that you feel is just beyond your abilities to properly handle.

taurus Horoscope

Under the soft aspects this may result in being able to take concrete steps to make dreams into realities. Under the soft aspects, these confrontations will be more indirect, just a particularly dark part of the cycle preparing you for your next hard aspects from Saturn. If this is your Saturn return, this passage into maturity will be brutal for your generation. It will be the clash of the radical architect dreamers and the stone tyrants. The children born in late early will be implacable survivors. Under the soft aspects there may be novel ways to take advantage of the situation, unpleasant as it may be.

This is especially true of the harder aspects, but under the soft aspects these tragedies are witnessed indirectly and from afar. Under the harder aspects there is a resistance to passing on from or accepting the new role, under the softer aspects this process is more organic and natural. C How are Saturn and Pluto configured in your natal chart? What roles does Saturn fill in your chart? If you have Saturn in the same sign as your Ascendant, then Saturn is a very personal to you, in your cautious outlook, your fear response, your preference for caution and deliberation. If you have a lot of placements in Capricorn or Aquarius, Saturn fuels a lot of what you deal with in different areas.

Pluto does not rule any signs, but if you have it in a close aspect with your Sun, Moon, angles, or Ascendant Ruler, it could be considered a more personal planet. Bottom line: If Saturn and Pluto are not involved with these personal points, you have less to worry about because Saturn and Pluto are more tangential to the main course and point of your life. What aspects do Saturn and Pluto have with other planets in your chart? If you have Venus and Jupiter in good or stressful aspects with either of them, it could mean your experience with these planets is easier, even if it makes conventional goods in your life harder or more complicated.

If you have Mars in harmonious or stressful relationships with either of them, it could be that much more of a frustrating lifelong experience with Saturn and Pluto. If you have them in aspect with Mercury, Uranus or Neptune, it could make your experiences with Saturn and Pluto more variable, wacky, unpredictable or surreal. And finally you need to look at the relationship between Saturn and Pluto at the time you were born. If you were born close to a major phase of Saturn and Pluto, especially the conjunction , , opposition , , waxing square , , or waning square , , then your life is likely tied in some general way to this cycle, especially if you were born with Saturn or Pluto angular, or with the Sun and Moon in hard aspects to Saturn and Pluto.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo. Not only that, but he was born when the Sun was conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Leo, so we know he interacts with this cycle in a more personal way. What role is he most known for playing? The Terminator, a killer robot from an apocalyptic future where machines have conquered humanity. He got this role in , and the film was released in , coming out of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Schwarzenegger was not the only person locking into this Saturn-Pluto event.

Linda Hamilton, who plays the steely badass Sarah Connor was born under the Saturn-Pluto square in Michael Biehn who plays Reese, a freedom fighter from the future, was also born under that same Saturn-Pluto square from Could there be a more perfect description of Saturn taken to a Plutonian extreme than the Terminator? Back to Schwarzenegger — he was first asked to run for Governor in — in the midst of the next Saturn-Pluto opposition.

It was from this opposition that he eventually became the Governor of California, where he was also known as the Governator. It will be interesting to see what new role he comes to at this next Saturn-Pluto phase. He and Linda Hamilton will be starring in Terminator: Dark Fate in November , potentially their last turns in their Terminator roles. Will he continue to carry on his political career in , starting the next phase?

All we know is that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be a recurrence transit, and in this case, the end of an era. You would have to look at the previous conjunctions, squares and oppositions between Saturn and Pluto to determine what specific theme runs through those times. This might be setting the bar a little low, but one pronounced fear during the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction of was the threat of nuclear annihilation. This coincidentally followed two actual close calls with nuclear annihilation in September and November when Saturn was within a few degrees of Pluto.

So the conjunction presents many of our worst fears, since Pluto empowers the Saturnian motivation of fear. Whether those fears actually come to pass is another question. You can rest easy now! Back in ancient Mesopotamia, solar eclipses were regarded as bad omens for leaders, and still are to some degree. Because apparently all it takes to avoid a cosmically ordained destiny is a little sleight-of-hand trickery.

A mistaken identities scenario fit for a disappointing local county pantomime is apparently enough to offset the very will of the gods. A little razzle-dazzle tap-dance showstopper with jazz hands will distract even the mightiest cosmic order, apparently. In any case, maybe this is dumb, but instead of letting yourself be the subject of this transit, you could intentionally choose something else to become the subject of the transit.

How does one act like Saturn? Saturn weighs, scrutinizes, criticizes, and bears down wherever it goes. Now this might be an exercise in futility. Killing a cockroach to be a stand-in for your own transits portending your own death will likely not stop you from dying, if that is your fate at that time. But free will is an extremely convincing illusion, so illude away!

At least this way you get to pick your poison. You could think of this in terms of the house Saturn and Pluto are passing through in your chart. Maybe this means paring down your style to be more functional, simple, ascetic, age-appropriate. Maybe this means giving up on covering up the bald spots and embracing a fully shaven head.

Maybe this means giving up on coloring your hair and embracing your destiny as a silver fox or silver vixen, or a white fox or a white vixen. With Pluto in the mix however, it might be something more extreme than just a makeover, something which reflects a dramatic internal transformation as well as an external one at this time. Weigh how much value it really has to you.

Make some of your money back through a yard sale, or put some things on the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or ebay. For extra Saturn points though, you could donate it to Goodwill or think of other people in your life who could use it, and give it away freely. With Pluto in the mix however, there is something especially traumatic or cathartic about the process of going through your old possessions.

In a house associated with everything quick, mobile and fleeting, Saturn and Pluto could slow things down to a grinding halt. Maybe this is a time when your typical mode of transportation is out of commission, or your local area is being dug up and renovated, and you have to find new ways around to get where you want to go, or a new commute becomes a long arduous bore. A Mars-Saturn square denotes people who tend to use collective power and social sanction for self-aggrandizement, waste resources and money usually other people's , promote social and religious fanaticism East or West with no care for how destructive their beliefs and actions are, and--there's no other way to say it--to wage war.

Political and social controversies are certainties to be triggered or aggravated by this square yet as Ebertin says, 'blind zeal is detrimental'. A do-or-die attitude will be noticed along with strong willpower, the potential for violent acts to occur, plus, we may expect that weapons of war will be on society's mind if not on our menu. So as you see, August, October, and December are key months for aggressive Mars on its determined march through Aries and although the energies may not express easily, we may hope that the blocks and frustrations created by what are karmic squares to impulsive Mars may create some relief for humankind even as we reap what's been sown which can be either positive or negative depending on the sort of seeds planted in the past.

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