Piscess horoscope traits

Pisces traits

They are charitable even when you first meet them, making sure that all of your needs are met. Rarely will you hear about their problems, as they are always working to ensure that your combined space is secure, and happy.

They are bright, and cheerful, and if they care about you there will always be an outpouring of love from them. Even in darker times, people born with a Pisces horoscope people are more likely to figure out ways to regain the peace instead of harping on why things aren't going the way they prefer. However, every zodiac sign has a dark side and Pisces is no exception. These negative traits often come without warning, and can leave you confused as to how things escalated to that point with your Pisces friend or lover.

They will avoid confrontation by any means necessary. When something bad happens, they will blame it on something else, and never deal with the problem. This can often lead to unresolved issues in their relationships. Pisceans can be swayed easily. Due to their hatred of confrontation, they will often sit on the fence about certain issues which leaves them vulnerable to more indomitable signs. They can also become easily hurt when faced with a lot of criticism, and will withdraw instead of standing up for themselves.

Like their fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, Pisceans can become very pessimistic, very fast. When this happens, they will flee as fast as they can to more familiar waters. Hint, they are more likely to do the latter. They are not very materialistic, and as a result become extreme penny pinchers, having coupons that can date back for months, and always hesitate spending too much money. If you need someone to stretch a dollar out of just fifteen cents, they are the first group of people you should find. Pisces love seeing the best in people. As a result they are easily manipulated.

A more calculating sign could easily get over on a Pisces because Pisceans want to really believe that there is good in all people.

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While it may be true, they often find themselves hurt due to the realization that not everyone has their best interests at heart. Though it is great to be imaginative, Pisces people live with their heads in the clouds. Then He gave us men a women! I works! Works my gifts. There's a differe Rolees - May PM. He askd me to be his girlfriend Love and happiness is everything to me Us fish should watch out for allowing too much wretchedness.

Over time, when coupled with the inevitabilityof loved ones dying, loneliness for too long, and fearfulness But pisces beware, without balance our gifts can become a prison. I am learning to balance. But i have been a few years into being stuck. My fish are furiously swimming in circles. Without balance i have no flow. When that stopped, a big part of me stopped with it.


It took me almost this long to realize its the balance within myself i should attend to. Sending love to all my fellow fish. It's not always easy being us! I even if i feel the hurt and see the ugliness with the same intensity. Still worth it! It is so nice to come across this post. I'm reading the comments and they remind me of me I too feel very lonely most of the time. I long for true love, my hope is wearing thin. I'm very passionate about my beliefs even though not to many people understand.

I don't know if I'll ever have closer or true understanding but that seems to be what I'm fighting for. I'm a feeling person and I have a very strong desire to love and feel loved. I don't know where this is going. I feel I'm here to witness the ride. Jace - Jan PM. I met a Pisces 2 months ago when I was traveling for work.

He was the one that initiate the friendship and since then he ha become something that I have never experience. He became so different after the first month. He wanted his space and then drifted away from the friendship and started to become very abusive verbally. He also blocked me for an entire week from his social media. He is very cold and selfish. When I need my space that is not acceptable but when he needs his it's his way or no way.

Now I want to see him and he makes it seems like I can but only on his terms. I am so good to him and also very respectful and it doesn't matter to him. I am always sharing how I feel and how he is behaving and for that he ignores me or punish me by eliminating me for a week at a time. It's truly sad to see a grown man behaves this way to someone that are so loving to him. I can't stay around any longer it hurts too bad.

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Deb - Aug AM. My husband is a Pisces. I am a Virgo. This is a second marriage for both of us. We have both been hurt and cheated on in our previous relationships. We have been married four and a half years. This describes him very well!


Pisces: Sign Dates & Traits

I love him with all my being. I sometimes feel disconnected from him because he is a very private man. His job sometimes requires him to travel out is state.

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I have never accompanied him on any of these because he says we can't afford it. We have money for everything else and other unexpected finances. My gut sometimes tells me is he cheating on me but when I ask him he gets upset. I do not have any solid proof. I ask why do you get upset?

He responds because it's offensive. He swears he would never hurt me like that. Says he would break up with me first! What the hell?! Am I supposed to accept that and just live my life in fear he will just come home and say he's leaving one day?! He spends hours outdoors doing yard work maintaining our beautiful home. He likes to do it all himself and refuses help from anyone. I often see him textingwith a smile on his face yet he claims he is cleaning his emailing or searching for music. Hmmm in the middle of yard work? I appreciate him and everything he does for me to the fullest!

I am disappointed in myself for feeling insecure but how can the feeling I have in my gut be so strong if it's really nothing? He acts very distant from me upon return and will justgive me a peck on my cheek or top of my head when I pick him up at the airport and goes to bed alone at night claiming he is tired. We don't snuggle much anymore. His choice. I try but then feel rejected when he puts a pillow between us or scoots to the edge of the bed.

I despise feeling like this and like I don't trust him! I understand completely a Pisces or anybody else for that matter needing space. Could I be wrong am I picking up on all the wrong vibes because of my past? He claims he loves me to death He is a master of poker faces. I smile everyday but I feel like I'm dying inside. I'm normally not a insecure person and have been taken advantage of in my past by different people for being to trusting. I'm sad.

Pisces Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More | bracsen.ml

How can I talk to him with out giving him the feeling I am accusing him of infidelity? I have never been more in love!! The last thing I want is to hurt him or for him to withdraw further from me. G - May PM. It has been a very spiritual journey for myself as a Pisces. Those who have not yet identified with some of the aspects of this sun sign are either not far enough along their journey, or are very much holding true to the easily wounded side of this sign.

I have given my heart to so many, love the idea of love, and been hurt when my "ideals" have crashed and reality has set in, realizing they were never who I dreamed them to be to begin with. It completely makes my day to make someone who seemed unhappy, happy I love to paint, and will put in earbuds while doing so in order to lose myself in the creative energy coursing through me and "get it out" so to speak. But alas, I am my own worst critic and am never fully satisfied with my work. I always feel misunderstood or taken for granted, and believe that I need to live alone by the ocean and only interact when I feel energized enough to do so.

I wear myself thin and have been left holding debt and heartache when giving to someone or something with all I have and will go into a depression for months to build back up, and then repeat it all over again.

PISCES zodiac sign personality traits & psychology according to astrology

I am happy to be me, and I embrace all parts of who I am as a Pisces. I encourage all of my fellow Fish to do the same! You are beautiful and strong! Sam - May AM. I'm Christian Baptist, don't consider myself lazy or impractical, and renounce my faith three times and excepted the Holy spirit and Holy ghost in my life, for he guides my life.

Manny - Apr PM. So true, nobody but a pisces can understand the natural desire to pretty much self destruct and to almost literally just drift, i also dont believe any but a pisces can know the unbelievable heartache when betrayed by someone you totally gave ALL of yourself to, yet still love them unconditionally, just drifting through life unable to understand why they cant see that no one else could ever possibly care as much as you do, day in, day out just hoping that you can hold on just long enough for them to realize that love was as pure as it gets, because with each day our grip on life becomes weaker as the emptiness grows colder.

Mattunnaki - Feb PM. That all above are true about me. Row - 8-Sep AM. Love this and so me :- I'm a huge dreamer and don't trust many people, been burned to many times. I have a farm which fulfills my earthy nature and my loner side. A perfect life for a Pisces as far as I'm concerned :- Boy wish I would have read this year's ago and I would have saved myself years of heartache with dating the wrong match men :-p Thanks for the read I greatly enjoyed it!

This is nothing like me. I only trust 3 people in my live. I don't help others who do not help me!! Kaylabug - 3-Aug AM. I wish you luck on your journey of fulfillment and growth. ExploreAstrology - Oct AM. Having a sixth sense and being creative. Yes, that fits, but the rest not at all. I do like to help, but I'm not letting other people use me and never have. I'm actually quite assertive and a natural fighter.

I m not an anxious person either and I'm also very organised and practical. So much of this article doesn't apply at all ML: Good choice with Taurus. I love them: their calmness and sensuality. Very sexy ; fatkat - Oct PM. The Dreamer, creative mind is true. Ideas are this Pisceans thing. BUT "lazy" However, with a Capricorn Mars I understand where the willpower and need to start and finish a project til the bitter end comes in. I don't align with the "flighty" Pisces definitions at all. I am someone who likes to lead and if a group is standing around not knowing what to do, I have to step up and take charge.

Maybe that's the Leo Rising in me, who knows. In all, the two inherent Pisces traits are the Compassionate care-giver and Creative mind. Beyond that Am happily coupled with a Taurus as well. We are a powerhouse team. In that team we each lead in our specialties.

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One manages the food the other manages the technology.

piscess horoscope traits Piscess horoscope traits
piscess horoscope traits Piscess horoscope traits
piscess horoscope traits Piscess horoscope traits
piscess horoscope traits Piscess horoscope traits
piscess horoscope traits Piscess horoscope traits
piscess horoscope traits Piscess horoscope traits
piscess horoscope traits Piscess horoscope traits

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